Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Outfit post - Ride

What a crazy ride life is!? Sometimes it surprises me just like that,
out of nowhere wonderful things happen or then totally the opposite,
the biggest nightmares come true. I'm getting better at handling critical
situations and I was happy to handle one this morning with flying colors :)
Sunny ( and chilly ) day did help me to have more energy and positivity
than usual :)

I got this lovely dress yesterday at Zara and I like it very much, it's so
soft and comfy that I don't even feel like I have it on.
Talking about the shopping, I've realized that majority of stores have already
put up the Christmas trees and Christmas decorations up.
I think that it's a bit too early, but I do like the happy feeling I get when I see them,
because that means that my favorite time of the year is veeery close :)
Have you already started thinking/ buying Christmas presents?
I was thinking of putting up a post about Christmas presents ideas and links to
where to get them from.
Stay tuned :)

Have a nice Wednesday!

I'm wearing: Boots - Unisa, Dress & cardigan - Zara, Scarf - Gant,
Bag - Lancel, Earrings - Marni for H&M, Ring& cuff - HOH1960

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