Sunday, November 25, 2012

Naked truth

About a week ago I've noticed that a lot of finnish bloggers had posts
titled "Naked truth" and I got very interested to see what it was all about.
Main point of "Naked truth" posts is to show the bloggers with their "real" faces,
without make up, photoshop, without their hairs done, etc.
I love this idea, so I have decided to do the same type of the post. I'm not doing this
just because "everybody" is doing it, I have never been the person that follows
somebody/ something, but I'm doing this first of all to send a message to all the
girls out there that we're all special and beautiful in our own way.
In these modern times, it's very easy to loose the true beauty, natural, the one we
were born with.
In times of hair extensions, fake eyelashes, colored eye lenses, scalpels, botox,
wrong vision of what's beautiful, photoshopped magazine covers, etc. it's very important
to remember that we're all special and beautiful to someone, but most importantly
we should be beautiful to ourselves whenever we see our face in the mirror...

I used to have huge self esteem problems and I still am fighting with them, but
not as much as before and I'm more and more accepting myself as I am, because I am
beautiful, I have a heart huge as Mt. Everest and soul wide as sky and that can be
seen through my eyes. I have little wrinkles around the eye area and mouth area which
only shows that in these past 25 years of my life, I have lived, I have laughed, loved, cried,
"died" and was born again... I wouldn't trade all of this for one photoshopped cover photo.

Here's MY NAKED TRUTH! Me, early in the morning just after the shower, no creams on,
no make up on, no photo shop, about 3 sleepless nights in the row and no dry hair :D

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