Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Outfit post - 500

Hello everyone!
This is my BIG 500th post!! Yaaay! I'm very happy to
reach this many posts, because it means that I have never
neglected my blog in the past 1 and half years since I've started it :)
Thank you everyone for following me and commenting on my
posts. I read all of your comments and am happy to have great readers!

This is my today's outfit! Typical Fall outfit to keep me warm
while running my errands downtown.
I had a photo shoot yesterday and if you scroll down, you can see the
outcome :) Storyline was lost childhood and not wanting to grow up.
Hope you'll like it.
After the successful photo shoot I have rewarded myself with some
delicious greek food at wonderful Minos restaurant in Helsinki.

Today was a pretty gloomy and rainy day and that's how my mood was.
I'm trying to lift it up by checking out flights to some European city.
I'm not sure if I want to go to London, Paris or somewhere else...
I NEED to get away from this city for couple of days, I've been stuck
here for way too many months and I'm "gypsy" so staying for too long
at the same place is just not acceptable anymore.

Have a nice day!

I'm wearing: Boots - Steve Madden, Jeans - Acne, Sweater&necklace - Zara,
Poncho - Esprit, Bag - Lancel, Ring - House of Harlow 1960

For those who are interested, I'm an art photographer and you can check my work HERE!

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