Friday, October 26, 2012

Outfit post - 1st snow

So, I woke up this morning and have realized that the first
snow fell over the night in Helsinki. I'm definitely not jumping
for joy right now because this is too soon for the Winter to come.
I hope that this little snow that has covered the streets will melt
away and that we'll have a week or two of no snow in sight.

Thank you all for your nice comments about my STORE!
They made me really happy :) You're all very sweet people!

The outfit which I'm wearing today to run my errands ( today, instead
of ballerinas I have boots on of course ), I wore yesterday as well for the
movies with my husband.
We have finally watched Step Up Revolution 3D which we've been planning
to see for a long while :P
It's such a great movie! Dance choreographies were outstanding!!
I have seen all Step Up movies and this one was the best one so far.

I have a funny scheduled day today which requires me to go back and forth
home-downtown, so I better get going.
Have a nice weekend everyone!

I'm wearing: Ballerinas - Vagabond, Jeans - Tommy Hilfiger, Shirt - A Wear,
Blazer & scarf - Zara, Purse - Accessorize, Rings - Deni design & Bijou Brigitte

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