Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fight against the breast cancer - personal story

After weeks of fashion overload by lots of reports on the
newest collections from 4 fashion weeks, Instagram diaries and
outfit posts, I want to make this post different than any other I've
written by now.
October is a very personal month for me because of couple of
reasons and they're: my own birthday, my grandpa's and little brother's
birthdays and this whole month is dedicated to the fight
against the breast cancer.
Unfortunately or luckily enough, breast cancer happened three times in
my family, all three times before my eyes.
My both grandmas had it, my mom had it and lots of other women I know
have suffered the breast cancer, but not all of them have survived.
Breast cancer seems to be increasing all the time and number of victims is
so high that it almost doesn't come as a surprise when you hear that someone
has been diagnosed with it...
It's a very nasty cancer and the fight is hard, but the ones that do get through it,
it changes them forever.
It's very, very important to do checks once a year to make sure that you're
fine, that there's no where that little sneaky lump which can be so harmful.

My both grandmas died of breast cancer, they've died in excruciating pain,
my mom is a breast cancer survivor and I've been through the whole period
with her, 6 years ago and it has made her my hero, to see her fight for life and
go through everything she had to go through with her head up high and
not giving up even for a second.
To see your mother loose her hair in chunks and then finally, have to shave
her hair off and watch her buy wig are those moments that made me be aware
of this disease more than ever.

Life is wonderful, it really is, it's up to you how you put things in perspective
and believe me, anything is possible, as well as it's possible to survive this
cancer, but rather prevent it by not stressing over everything, by eating well,
exercising, laughing, appreciating everything you have and living day by day,
not in past, not in future, but now, today because you can!

Also, remember to do anything you can to help all the women that are going
through this fight.

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