Sunday, September 30, 2012

PFW Isabel Marant - Christian Dior S/S 2013


This designer's name is one of my favorites. Every PFW
I'm looking forward to see the new collection and I never
get disappointed. This collection was influenced by Elvis Prisley
and his style, fashion style but I believe the music style too, because
both were so unique back in time.
Mixture of Elvis, rock n'roll and usual Marant boho vibe this collection
is another success and one of these collections which I would love to
have in my closet.


I don't want to waste much time commenting on Raf Simons's work
for Dior because since John Galliano was kicked out from the position
of the main Dior designer, Dior died for me.
This collection is just another proof to me that there won't be somebody
with such a magnificent vision as Galliano's in a very long time to come...
Maybe never.
This collection was pile of crap.

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