Wednesday, September 12, 2012

NYFW - Marc Jacobs & 3.1 Philip Lim S/S 2013


By going through the photos of this collection, I can see
that 60's were Marc's big influence when creating all those
pieces that walked down the runway. I find this collection
confusing, since 1/3 of collection is very extreme for my taste,
I find those giant stripes disturbing, then 1/3 of collection is
very beautiful and feminine, but reminds me a lot of Marc's
work for Louis Vuitton and then 1/3 of collection is just
magnificent, talking about the gorgeous gowns which were absolutely


One of my favorites every fashion week is this collection.
Philip haven't disappointed me this time either and I'm
very much liking all the pieces, very cool grungy vibe
mixed with girly floral touches makes this collection easy
wearable, yet making a statement and standing out from the

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