Friday, August 24, 2012

Instagram diary

Here're new Insta photos which I took throughout
this past week. It's amazing to see how many things
one can do in just a week :)
Good thing is that I always have my cellphone with
me and Instagram on all the time to "document" all
those sweet little moments in my life.

Have a great weekend people!

                                      the best make up artist ever, my dear friend helping make my
                                                 photo shoot amazing with her magic brush :)

super delicious doughnut @ Arnold's 

enjoying my green tea with vanilla and strawberries @ 
Karl Fazer cafe downtown

shopping at COS ( gotta get ready for Autumn )

first pair of pretty ballerinas for my little 
daughter <3

this is why I consider myself the richest person in 
the world :)

very talented street players!

huge Lancome mascara and Betty Boop :)

some magazines I need to catch up with :P

home menu at my home :) main chef - me

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