Monday, July 30, 2012

Visit Helsinki, Finland - Seurasaari

This is a new section on my blog! I've been living in
Helsinki for over 4 years now and I surely can call it
my home. This city gave me everything that not one
did before. I love my city, so I would like to let you
know more about the place where I live and which
places one should visit when staying here.

Let's start with SEURASAARI open air museum. Last weekend
me and my little family went to Seurasaari for the first time.
It's an open air museum located on the green island just
a few kilometers away from the Helsinki city center.
It's easy reachable by car, bus, tram, bike or foot.

Seurasaari represents traditional Finnish way of life displayed
in cottages, farmsteads and manors of the past 4 centuries
that have been relocated from all over Finland.

I would suggest you to spare at least 2 hours to make a
complete tour of this open air museum. There're so many
things to see, the air is so fresh, trees are so green and
the local animals such as swans, squirrels, ducks and ravens
are amazing to look at :)

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