Thursday, July 19, 2012

Outfit post - Flower power

I bought this jumpsuit last Summer on sale.
I love it's floral print and it's also very comfortable
which is a huge plus in my books :)
Prada sunnies were last Summer's purchase as well,
I can't get enough of them!

Due to finnish weather, I've been seriously thinking
of buying flight tickets for me and my little daughter and
take off somewhere nice and warm.
I'm in a serious need of sun and beach.

Another thing that's on my mind every day is the upcoming
group gallery exhibition and planning/ organizing all the
photo shoots for my single exhibition which will happen
in March next year. Lots of work to do, but I'm super
enthusiastic and inspired, so there shouldn't be problems
in making my dreams come true :)

Have a nice day everyone!

I'm wearing: Sunnies - Prada, Jumpsuit - Mango, Purse - H&M,
Shoes - Zara, Bracelets - Pieces, Hairband - Asos

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