Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Outfit post - Eye of the storm

Today is such a great day!!
I have just signed a deal for a group exhibition this August (in Helsinki)
where I will exhibit couple of my new works and later on, next year, most
possibly in the Spring, I'll have my 2nd solo photo exhibition and this
makes me incredibly happy and proud :)
Stay tuned, there's much more coming I promise you!!
Since this exhibition in August will be a group one, each artist had to
pick a small piece of paper on which were written all the walls
in the gallery and the luckiest one gets the best spot, the gallery window.
I was the most lucky one thanks to my daughter, she picked the
paper instead of me :) All of my works (4-5) will be exhibited right there!
I'm super excited!

I'm wearing: Shoes - Zara, Purse - Louis Vuitton, Earrings - HOH1960,
Ring - Accessorize, Leather jacket - Zara, Top - French Connection,
Hair scarf - Asos, Jeans - Tommy Hilfiger

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