Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Outfit post - Looking for the Summer

We've been having 2-3 quite cloudy and rainy days.
I'm missing the sun and most of all warm Summer days
and magical Summer nights.
I've put together an outfit which is in my mind perfect
outfit for a night out in Summer time.
Even tho I love finnish Summers, my favorite ones are
croatian ones. Can't wait to go visit my family there
and get to swim in the most beautiful and cleanest sea,
see my old friends and eat tons of watermelon :)

Since our outdoor activities are quite limited atm,
I've decided to bake some muffins with my daughter,
yesterday afternoon. They turned out SO GOOD that
it's a sin to eat them :D
Maybe one day I get a chance to open a small patisserie
in Helsinki... You never know!

I'm wearing: Sandals - Accessorize, Shorts, jacket & scarf - Zara,
Bag - H&M, T-shirt - Mango, Jewelry - HOH1960

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