Friday, May 11, 2012

Outfit post - Extraction point

Hans Zimmer is my favorite modern day composer.
He's just magnificent, I can't believe that some people can be
such visionaries and have so much incredible talent.
Hans's music is my drug and it helps me to relax, to travel
in a completely new world, an open space where all of my
best ideas for the photo shoots have come/ developed from.

If I'm listening Hans Zimmer's soundtracks on repeat, it
means that I'm either planning an idea for the photo shoot
or the photo shoot date is around the corner and I'm getting
into the mood :)

"Extraction point" is main theme of the 2nd photo shoot which
I will shoot on 22nd of May and I'm still thinking of what's
gonna be the main theme of my 1st photo shoot "Red Riding Hood".
I think that it might be "Dream is collapsing"...

Today is pretty rainy and cloudy day. Not much to do, so we
went to Sea Life. Little fishes and sea world always relaxes me
and my little daughter is so happy every time we go there.

Have a great weekend everyone!!

I'm wearing:
Ballerinas - Unisa, Jeans - Diesel, T-shirt&scarf - Mango,
Bag - Desigual, Trench coat - French Connection,
Jewelry - Accessorize

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