Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Outfit post - Are we humans or are we dancers?

Flu vs. me... Flu is still winning :P
Even tho you can see it all over my face that
I'm fighting with flu, I'm trying to pretend that
I'm not, so instead of resting, I've been already
downtown with my little family + sister. We didn't
had to show her around downtown, since this is surely
not her first time here, so we went to our favorite salad bar
for some delicious salad and then mini shopping at H&M.
That's where we found this great little neon bag for me
and I love it so much! :)

Now it's time for lunch and then some sisters' time.
We'll dye my sister's hair, let's see how well we'll do that :D

Have a nice day everyone!

I'm wearing: Ballerinas - Nilson, Jeans - Diesel, Top - Mango,
Belt - Mango, Blazer - Zara, Bag - H&M, Ring - HOH1960,
Ring ( purple ) - Deni design, Lipstick - Chanel

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