Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there!
The most toughest and the most rewarding role
one can play in their life is to be a mom.
I'm mom myself and I can tell you that the biggest
gift I've ever got and the most honest and deepest
love I've ever felt is towards my little daughter!
She makes me a better and happier person. She's my
reason to wake up in the morning, she teaches me a lot and
shows me all the amazing little things about life I don't
register otherwise.

I wanna wish my mom happy Mother's Day as well,
for raising me up and giving me amazing three siblings
which I can't live without.

Have a great day with your moms/ kids and smile, smile,
smile and love, love, love :)))

                          Mother's Day flowers on my dining table :)

Me and the little one <3

My sister

Some yummy food

Sea Life Helsinki

Way too tall hockey player :D

The best coffee in town, La Torefazzione 

Bolivian natives are still on the streets of Helsinki

Naked 2 palette has arrived!!

Enjoying a sunny day downtown

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