Sunday, May 6, 2012

Easy like Sunday

I'm alive :) I think that the flu is almost gone and
in couple of days I'll be 100% back to normal.
It's so annoying to be sick and surrounded with
all sorts of nose, throat sprays and cold pills.
Litres of hot tea is the only good and something
I didn't complain about since I'm a huge tea fan!
Now you have learned something new about me :)

I'm still taking it easy this Sunday. Yesterday me and
my man went to our friend's big birthday party, so
it feels good to just rest on sofa, drink some more tea
and watch couple of " Weeds " episodes.

Here're some photos from my party outfit and
Instagram diary :)

                                        my new favorite HOH1960 cuff

my breakfast

love this quote! :D

favorite japanese take away ;)

party ready

my favorite street player in Helsinki

soy & veggie salad

b-day invitations

small parts of my cosmetic's cabinet

Here's the party outfit! 

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