Monday, April 23, 2012

First birthday!!!

Happy first birthday to my blog!

A year and one day ago was
the day when I have started this blog, which means that the
real birthday was yesterday :)
I'm very happy and proud how this blog has turned into a beautiful
visual and written diary which I have shared with so many of you.
I hope that I did managed to inspire you and I will do my best
to keep on doing so.

Thank you once again for reading and following my blog, what's
the point of doing something if it's not fun or inspiring for anyone
involved, right!? I'm very honored that you my dear readers
come back day after day to check out what's new on the blog :)

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Here's a small iPhone diary for you :)

                                 This is how my almost backyard looks like :)

                                    My favorite park in Helsinki

                                     Tea time at Esplanadi cafe

                                  Gorgeous roses and new Vogue

                                Details of my new two dresses :)

                                These guys are hanging out on my balcony :)

Visiting my parent's in law

Street player/ entertainer 

                                    Me and my man on the road :)

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